Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Why ITS?

Solutions are based on current technology, compliant and cost-effective
One of the leading HVAC service company in Dubai
Brings vast expertise, quality and innovation to the systems it offers

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  • Efficient and powerful systems that maintain air quality, cleanliness and temperature
  • Flow & Resource Management
  • Maximise energy efficiency of existing systems and ensure effective waste management

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Halton Building Solutions

Seismic Reinforcement, Vibration Isolation and Noise Control

High-quality products and systems with an extensive range of acoustic control and isolation solutions:

  • All non-structural MEP components
  • All Equipment & Machines Testimonials
  • We have brought success to over 1000 projects

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Seismic, wind restraint and vibration isolation for mechanical equipment

Energy and waste management

  • All air-conditioned spaces
  • Kitchens, restaurants & food outlets

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Energy and waste management

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