Dubai, United Arab Emirates

About ITS
Effective and Innovative technical solutions

In operation since 2006, ITS has been an influential player in the MENA region’s HVAC industry. Our work in bringing key technologies, techniques and solutions from around the world to UAE and the neighbouring countries has enabled us to add significant value to the products we carry.

Expertise in indoor environments and energy efficiency forms an essential cornerstone in the successful operation of a wide variety of industries from food service to healthcare to public spaces and more. The growing importance of clean, comfortable and safe indoor environments and the need to meet progressively higher standards has enabled the growth of ITS in a highly competitive environment.

The large carbon footprint and climate change have led to the development of more energy efficient HVAC systems which not only result in less direct and indirect pollution but also reduces operational costs. ITS has been one of the leading solution providers using the newer technologies that the manufacturers have been introducing in the North American and European markets.

Noise and vibration control are an important component of indoor comfort and safety. The competencies and services provided by ITS and the principal manufacturers include services related to seismic isolation, wind restraints, and acoustic solutions. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can provide a cost-effective and performance-based design for the services we offer.

Air Quality Control & Safety

Efficient and powerful systems that maintain air quality, cleanliness and temperature:

  • Food services
  • Healthcare
  • Public & transit spaces
  • Industrial applications

Flow & Resource Management:

  • PICV, Pressure independent control valves
  • Energy monitoring and control for food service and retail spaces
  • Waste management for Commercial kitchen waste

Maximise energy efficiency of existing systems and ensure effective waste management:

  • Air-conditioned spaces
  • Food services
  • High rises
  • Industrial applications

Our next-generation products and solutions are not just sustainable but are also financially desirable too.

Our Vision

  • As visionaries and pioneers in the HVAC industry in the MENA region, ITS works with a vision to become the best solution provider and market leader in the HVAC industry. We are experts in providing optimum products to meet the HVAC requirements and needs of our clients in the Middle East.

Our Mission

  • Provide outstanding HVAC solutions to our clients by supplying energy-efficient, premium-quality products and services to all our customers.
  • Maintain excellent customer-relationships by providing prompt, efficient and consistent services. Outstanding service is our commitment to each customer and we always go the distance than what is typical.
  • Seek growth through the innovation, launching cutting-edge products and market expansion.
  • Continuous improvement and fine-tuning of our business processes.
  • Partner with our clients to design cost-effective HVAC solutions to improve safety and comfort in working environments.
  • Offer HVAC solutions that are energy, time and cost efficient.
  • Follow ethical business practices to maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients. We believe that our ethics and values are the foundation of our business. Instilling customer confidence and contributing to an ethical business environment are tenets of our daily operation.
  • Maintain excellent channels of communication with our clients to ensure safe, effective and smooth functioning of our clients’ HVAC operations. We understand that good communication is pivotal to our primary goal, complete client satisfaction.