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Vibration Isolation
Vibration & Acoustic Isolation

Vibration and acoustic requirements for indoor spaces have a significant contribution to the comfort factor. Noise at the extreme end can have a negative impact on the physical wellbeing as in some industrial and construction settings, under normal operating conditions it could affect speech and concentration depending on levels and characteristics. Vibration in the extremes will have a significant negative impact on the equipment, connected mechanical and civil structures and generate noise in the audible region. Lower levels of vibration can travel long distances through the connected structure and manifest as the vibration of fixtures and noise in spaces even relatively far from the source. Compliance in this requires design and application expertise with the appropriate products and installation. ITS has been consulting and participating in design-build projects for several decades.

The requirements become stringent for performance spaces, resting areas and premium office spaces. The team’s expertise can help meet the requirements in a cost-effective manner, this requires collaboration during design, space allocation, equipment selection and installation phase.